What is Mandrill Bounce & Spam Processor ?

This is an addon for Interspire Email Marketer that processes the 'bounced emails' and 'emails marked as spam' sent by Mandrill SMTP and adds them to the list-wise suppression list of Interspire. It also marks that email as Bounced as Activity Status and records the process for showing up details on Campaign and ContactList details pages.

How does it work?

Mandrill changes the return-path of mails sent by their SMTP service, so Interspire Email Marketer can't detect if any mail is bounced or not. Mandrill Bounce Processor addon makes a way to solve this problem. It keeps a listener on your self hosted Interspire and when handing over mails to mandrill, it adds some custom headers that mandrill send back to your Interspire Email Marketer app. Mandrill Webhook service is used for getting the POST response. The response from Mandrill is then processed and necessary actions are taken like adding the bounced and spam mail addresses to the list specific suppression lists.

Proper Logging

Get in-details information of the bounced mails. From which campaign or which contact-list, was the mail bounced and the proper reason behind that.

Easy Installation

Hassle-free installation process. Follow the documentation, just copy-paste some files, would not take more than 5 minutes.

Zero Configuration

The add-on requires zero configuration. Other than just setting up mandrill account, you have nothing to configure in the addon side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Interspire Email marketer install compatible for this addon?

Any Interspire Email Marketer version greater than 6.1.0 is compatible for this add-on, including latest 6.1.6. You do not need any other requirements whatsoever.

How complex is the installation process of this mandrill-interspire integration addon?

You just have to edit a single core-file of Interspire Email Marketer.

How to configure my mandrill account ?

You just have to enable webhook service. Log in to your mandrill account, then goto "Settings->Webhooks" page. Now, add a new webhook, tick on "Message is bounced" and "Message is marked as spam" on trigger on event configuration. Then, on the URL to POST field, enter the url that is shown on the interspire email marketer addon page.Save it ! That's it. For help, see this and this screenshots.

Trouble installing the addon ?

If you are facing problem or want to debug, open "mandrill_listener.php" and make $mandrill_debug = TRUE . Then, check your '/admin/temp/mandrill_listener.log' logfile.

Still having problem ?

If you are facing problem working with the addon? Or have got any suggestion or query ? Feel free to contact us .

Want your custom add-on for IEM ?

If you are looking for some custom module or plugin development for your Interspire Email Marketer ? Please contact us .
$ 150 Per Domain

Compatibility: IEM 6.1.x (tested up to 6.1.6)

What covers the addon ?

  • Add-on Package
  • Documentation
  • First time installation
  • Lifetime Update service