Email Client Statistics Addon for Interspire Email Marketer

This addon provides comprehensive intelligence to Interspire Email Marketer to know on which devices, email clients or web browsers your subscribers use to view your email. Instantly learn what percentage of your contact list is using mobile devices right from your newsletter statistics page. Being able to segment your contact list by subscriber email apps and device types make Interspire even more powerful. This data allows email marketers to maximize response and conversion rates by properly optimizing and designing emails appropriately for their targeted audience.
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What Email Client Statistics Addon Does?

Interspire Email Marketer has almost all the bells and whistles of a perfect email marketing suite. Yet it lacks some of modern email marketing features like subscriber email application and device tracking. As a email marketer, a big part is knowing the audience. And you can not fully know your audience unless you know which mobile devices, which email clients and which browsers they are using to view your email. Your email client and device statistics affects a great deal of the design and strategy behind your email marketing. Email Clients Statistics Addon is what you need to facilitate your Interspire Email Marketer with these valuable subscriber statistics.
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Track Subscriber Email Client

So do you know what share of your subscribers use Apple Mail to open your mail? Get pie chart representation of the distribution of email clients share from each newsletter statistics page.

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Detect Subscriber Device Type

Are you wondering what percentage of user contacts for a particular newsletter uses mobile device or tablets to open your mail? Re-think your campaign strategies for individual devices.

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User Agent Statistics Snapshot

Dig into user agent details. Hundreds of agents can be tracked by the addon. The addon fills the gaps to focus on the best strategies for the right clients.

user device snapshot

User Device Statistics Snapshot

The addon grabs all types of devices your subscriber use. Again, know how many times subscribers used a particular device for opening a particular newsletter.

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Insight of Subscriber Behavior

Not every subscriber is equally important to email marketers. Upon subscriber's email opening preferences, you can precisely focus on certain group of users. Focus on user preferred email platform and know whether they are at their desks or viewing your email on mobile devices. The addon makes verbose log of each and every subscriber's email open activity including when and which format of email they opened. The 'Email Client' and 'Device' custom fields will be updated according to user's most recent activity.

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Make powerful Contact List Segments

Get comprehensive understanding about subscribers. It's not just a statistics addon. You can compartmentalize your list based upon subscriber email clients and devices. Like, specifically sending a email campaign to those users who love to use 'gmail' on mobile device to open your mail. The addon creates new custom fields 'Email Client' and 'Device' and populates the values upon subscriber behavior that can be used to make contact list segments.

How Email Client Statistics addon do this ?

The addon hooks itself to the Interspire email open tracking process. It gets the user agent string of the subscriber when the tracking single pixel image is being loaded. Then, the addon uses special library to decipher the email agent and the proper device from it. Needless to mention that, subscribers who don't allow to load images of email are not counted in this study. The integration is seamless, so very little weight on interspire tracking time.

Intuitive Interface

Get in-details information of the email opening. Who, when used which email app to open the mail from which device, dig into the event details. All your interspire users can use this addon.


Easy Installation

Hustle-free installation process. Just run the patch file to install automatically. Alternately, you can follow the documentation to install manually. It's your choice.


Zero Configuration

The add-on has got zero configuration. Other than just enabling the addon from interspire admin panel, you have nothing to configure in the addon side.

Pricing Plan

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/ per domain

Compatibility: IEM 6.x.x

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions about the addon ? If you can't find the info you're looking for in our frequently asked questions below, contact us for a fast response.
Is my server compatible for this addon?

Any Interspire Email Marketer version greater than 6.0.0 is compatible with this add-on, including full lineup of 6.1.x, from 6.1.0 to 6.1.6. We don't burden you with any requirement whatsoever.

How many files do I need to change ?

The addon changes three core Interspire files and a single template file. But don't worry you don't need to handhold the installation process. We provide 'patch' for making the installation automatic, keeping a backup of your old one. Just run the 'patch', that's it.

Can it track any email client ?

Email Clients are tracked when user opens the email with allowing images to load. The addon analyzes certain image requests and deciphers the email client your subscribers are using to view your email. But if user don't allow images, tracking is not possible.

Can't see the device tracked ?

Some email clients uses proxy servers to load images like 'Gmail'. Device types of those requests are tracked as 'Device uses proxy server' type, because it is not possible to know exact device for that kind. Again if user don't allow images, tracking is not possible.

How many Email Clients and Device can it track ?

The addon can tracks more than hundred variations. Thanks to UASparser open-source project for a rich list of user agent strings and icons. We are enriching the list day by day.

Trouble installing the addon ?

If you are facing problem or want to debug, open "/addons/emailclientstat/lib/tracker.php" and make $ecs_debug = true; . Then, check your '/admin/temp/emailclientstat.log' logfile.

Still having problem ? Got something to suggest ?

If you are facing problem working with the addon? Or have got any suggestion or query ? Feel free to contact us .

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