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Successfully integrated Interspire Email Marketer with Amazon-SES

When Ama­zon announced their SES ser­vice, I rejoiced. It will enable my clients to send a large num­ber of bulk emails from a sin­gle server in a short time. But then I was wor­ried that I will need to hack here and there to inte­grate the send­ing scripts and list man­age­ment soft­wares with Ama­zon-SES. Thanks to Amazon's fore­sight, I was able to to make the sys­tem mail server Post­fix work seem­lessly with Ama­zon-SES with­out touch­ing the list man­age­ment soft­ware code­base, mak­ing sure smooth upgrade to future inter­spire versions.

IEM is one of my favourite list man­age­ment soft­ware. It's a bit pricey, but worth every penny. A client was aim­ing for 50000bulk mails per hour and I was asked to inte­grate Inter­spire with ama­zon SES. Instead of hack­ing the Inter­spire core, I hacked the Post­fix instal­la­tion. Now with one sin­gle server run­ning on Ama­zon-EC2 small instance, the client is able to mail his cus­tomers in a snap.

If you need Amazon-SES inte­gra­tion for your Inter­spire Email Mar­keter, feel free to con­tact us. If you need to send 850,000+mails/hour with Interspire, then please con­sider this.