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Successful Exim-cPanel and Amazon-SES integration

Exim is the default mail server on cPanel hosting panels, and I have been looking forward to integrate Amazon-SES with Exim. I integrated Interspire Email Marketer and PHPList with Amazon-SES before, using Postfix; but given the huge base of Exim installations out there being used in cPanel/WHM servers, I can say that Exim installation will be huge to a lot of web­masters who are willing to use Amazon-SES as their mailing solution. The Exim-SES process was not very simple, and it still requires root access in the cPanel running server. I am looking for a way to handle the shared server situation as well. However, if your app uses PHPMailer as the back­end, I have devised a way to make it use Amazon-SES without using the local mail server. You still need shell access on your cPanel hosting though, but that’s not hard to find.

As usual, if you need to integrate your cPanel installation with Amazon-SES, contact me for a quote.