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A feedback loop processor script for IEM

Time for yet another small utility script from vimmaniac - FeedBack Loop Processor(FBLP). It is a small program that tries to handle recipient complaints gracefully to protect reputation for bulk mailers who use Interspire Email Marketer(IEM).

While you are sending some big volume mail campaigns, if some recipient finds your email not so interesting, and instead of unsubscribing, hits the SPAM report button, sometimes the recipient's ISP will send you a "feedback report" saying something like - "this user considers your mails as spam". At this point, you should unsubscribe this user promptly. If you continue to send mails to that user, your mail reputation will decline.

To handle this, we have developed a handy script, that processes feedback loop email reports automatically and unsubscribes the complaining recipients. Click here to download it.

Important: To use this script, you will have to signup to the feedback loop program of the ISP of the complaining user. Here's a list of some prominent feedback loop programs of the internet: