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Amazon-SES integration for PHPMailer

This time we have come up with a very easy to use solution to integrate Amazon-SES with everyone’s favorite PHPMailer library and you are free to use it any­way you want. [ Thanks to the power of GNU LGPL license ] The solution is a slightly modified version of PHPMailer with an Amazon-SES backend.

Note that, this is a completely different implementation than Aaron Parecki’s one in GitHub. One of our clients wanted to have an Amazon-SES backend with minimal extra dependency, least amount of required extra syntax and complete code compatibility with PHPMailer. So, we implemented part of Amazon-SES API in PHP without using the AWS SDK and modified PHPMailer-5.1 slightly to suit our need. Also, the error messages produced are a bit more verbose. This worked out to be quite useful as lot’s of things, specially address verification requirement can give a lot of pain to Amazon-SES users.

Warning: You must have PHP5.0 or higher to use it.

You can download our modified PHPMailer from here.

Edit: This bug­fix release fixes two bugs, one related to improper DKIM signing and other related to ignoring ‘cc’/’bcc’ headers. Thanks to Antonello and Manish for the bug reports.

Here's an example of using the Amazon-SES backend of PHPMailer -


$mail = new phpmailer;

// Set mailer to use AmazonSES.

// Set AWSAccessKeyId and AWSSecretKey provided by amazon.
$mail->AddAmazonSESKey("AWSAccessKeyId", "AWSSecretKey");

// "From" must be a verified address.
$mail->From = "";
$mail->FromName = "Nobody";

$mail->AddAddress("", "Somebody");
$mail->Subject = "A test mail from phpmailer using Amazon SES.";
$mail->Body = "Looks like it works!";
$mail->Send(); // send message

/* End of File */