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DKIM for salesforce group edition or professional edition


Before I pitch our solution of DKIM support in group and pro edition of salesforce, let me tell you why DKIM is important. DKIM is a reputation system that is exclusively bound to a domain name, rather than an IP address. When a domains emails are DKIM signed, all emails sent from that domain work together to build that domains reputation, positive or negative. If you sign with DKIM and you send spammy emails, your emails are likely to end up in junk folders, and if you send good wanted emails to your contacts, it ends up in inbox.

DKIM helps you retain your domains reputation across email providers. If your normal outlook or other emails goto recipient inbox, DKIM will help make sure your other DKIM signed emails from other providers also goto inbox, provided all your emails are DKIM signed with same domain.

DKIM in salesforce

Salesforce has had DKIM for a while in a shared mode. In shared mode, they sign all email as coming from This has the side-effect that each customer domain did not have any seperate reputation build up. If and both were salesforce customer and they didn't have any seperate DKIM signing, then reputation of each domain will affect the other. If sends unsolicited email, it will affect the reputation of because the receiving part cannot build a domain reputation based on and, and instead builds the reputation based on This is how good senders are penalized by bad senders. This also shows an ugly 'sent via' header in all salesforce delivered emails.

Why salesforce DKIM implementation is inadequate

Good news is that salesforce recently brought domain based DKIM signing, bad news is that they are unavailable to group edition and pro edition customers. If you are not the highest tier customer, you are still left with primitive DKIM affecting your deliverability and those annoying 'sent via' headers in your recipients inbox.

DKIM for group edition and pro edition salesforce customers

If you are a salesforce group and pro edition customer and you need to sign your salesforce emails with DKIM, we can help. We do this by relaying your salesforce emails through our servers and signing them with your own domain. This allows you to bypass salesforce restrictions and also get into inbox by piggy backing on your original domain's DKIM reputation.

Contact Us for a full email deliverability audit of your emails, as well as for SPF,DMARC and DMARC implementation.