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SMTP Profile Manager Addon for Interspire Email Marketer [Free]

This is an add-on for Interspire Email Marketer to save multiple SMTP settings as profiles and change the SMTP settings by choosing the profile only.

Interspire Email Marketer allows admin users to set mail server configuration. There are three choice to make- firstly, you can use default mail settings. secondly, you can set your own SMTP settings. thirdly, using account.

Well, you can use the default settings if you don't have your own SMTP server and want to use the default mail settings for your server. You must have configured your SMTP server earlier. If you need to send more than a few hundred emails each week, many hosts require you to have your own SMTP server. But maintaining own SMTP server is a huge task. So the trend is to use transactional SMTP services like Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailjet, Mailgun or DynECT etc. Better deliverability and affordable email infrastructure makes these popular. Again, it is scalable.

Anyway, you can set SMTP host, username, password and port for setting SMTP details in Interspire. But the limitation is you can not save multiple SMTP settings. Here comes the SMTP Profile Manager Addon for Interspire. The add-on saves multiple SMTP settings as SMTP Profile and you can use any of these profiles as Active SMTP setting. As an Interspire add-on developer, I needed to maintain multiple SMTP settings at the same IEM install. I had to work on server add-on development projects at the same time like bounce processor for maiilgun and bounce processor for dynECT. And, it was painful to change the SMTP settings for each time I work. So, I decided to develop an add-on for managing multiple SMTP settings.

Note that, you can still set one set-of-settings at a time. That means that IEM will use one profile when sending mails. IEM will not use all the profiles to rotate profiles when sending mails. This is not SMTP rotation addon.

Take a look at the screenshots when you activate the add-on-

SMTP Profile Manager

Change Profile

You can add/edit/delete any of the profiles at ease! If you already have set any configuration, the addon saves the current settings as Default Profile.

It was a hobby project and I decided to share the add-on with everyone.


Download the addon package, extract it.

1) copy the 'smtpmanager' folder to 'your_iem/admin/addons/' folder.
2) replace your 'your_iem/admin/functions/settings.php' file with the provided 'settings.php' one.
or, Open your 'your_iem/admin/functions/settings.php' and go to line-464 

just after-

$result = $api->Save();

line, add the following snippet-

$addon_check = new Interspire_Addons;
if($addon_check->isEnabled('smtpmanager') && file_exists(IEM_ADDONS_PATH."/smtpmanager/process.php")){
    define('SMTP_MANAGER_SET', true);
    include IEM_ADDONS_PATH.'/smtpmanager/process.php';

3) replace your 'your_iem/admin/com/templates/settings.tpl' file with the provided 'settings.tpl' one. or, make a Diff and commit changes.

Then, activate the addon from your IEM settings panel.

Ready to use ! See changes on Settings-> Email Settings Tab.

Its free. Use the add-on under LGPL license.

Download SMTP Manager Adddon

Documentation is included with the source code.

Happy Mailing!