About us

We, vimmaniacs are a group of friends who are bound together by our passion for technology, compassion for each other and the loyalty to our customers. Since the foundation at 2008 as a freelance IT contractor, we are climbing the steps of success in a regular and steady manner. It's a company with the focus in software and services for small businesses and enterprises. We use, embrace and gladly promote free and open source technologies.

The story behind the name

The name is a conjugation of the words vim and maniac! The vim here is not the veem from hindu mythology, nor is it from the name of the popular dish washing products! Rather, it's a homage to a text editor very popular in unix world - vim. Needless to say that we are very impressed by the way of text editing with vim!

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Contact us

Address: Vimmaniac Ltd.
83/A, Sugandha, Panchlaish,
Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Email: contact At vimmaniac.com

Telephone:+1-386-868-1006, +880-173-044-3241